Advising is easy; it's the doing that's hard

No matter whether your company is a start-up or has any degree of maturity, having a clear understanding of technology and market directions and which business models work for you and how they affect your business is of paramount importance in today’s complex marketplace.

There are so many options and opinions and taking the wrong path can quickly lead to slow customer acquisition and poor sales. When you are at the operational or commercial coalface it is so easy to become blinkered by focusing on your company's consensus based strategies and lose sight of what’s happening around you.

Whether you are a start-up, a well-entrenched technology provider or venture capital company getting an independent view of a particular market, business model, commercial strategy or technical strategy could make all the difference between success or failure.

Maybe we can help you identify and implement a differentiated business strategy that will make that extra bit of difference?

Probably more important is the fact that I jump in and get my hands dirty, whether it be helping define a new architecture, create a new business plan or find new customers.

Why not call or email and see whether I can help you?