Managing the maze, technology insight: Creating a clear set of technology and market scenario options based on your particular technology market sector is paramount to having a business strategy that can deliver sales and be clearly explained to stakeholders. This is an activity not so much based on facts as the future cannot be predicted, but on opinions based on comprehensive research and collective experience of multiple individuals. Having a 'plan B' is crucial - do you have one?

Green lighting your business model: Having a clearly differentiated technology, product or service will not in itself lead to success. There are so many ways they can be taken to market such as a service, technology sales, licensing, partnering or 'Software as a Service'. The optimum selection of which to use is mandatory - get it wrong and your company has lost eighteen months and associated sales revenues. Do your customers and investors clearly understand your business model?

Connecting your development and commercial teams: Your company may have a clear business model and excellent commercial team but unless this is backed up with a development operation that can deliver on their promises it will be severely compromised. Engineering can often end up being the 'orphan child' in a company because the commercial management or Board are unable to understand the challenges their development operation face. The choice of technologies, development strategy, optimum development processes are all key to achieving success the first time around. Does your Board fully understand on a day to day basis your development status or is there a string of missed milestones?

Company assessment or due diligence: There is often a need to gain an independent view on a potential investment or acquisition in a technology based company often at short notice. Such an analysis could involve discussions with the management of the company or or it could be undertaken in isolation. Either way, a clearly articulated assessment that includes as many factors as appropriate combined with an experience based judgement on their technology, market opportunity, business model, commercial achievements and development ability is required. Do you need an assessment of a company or division to be undertaken?

Meeting that sales forecast: Turning idea into real sales is the biggest challenge any company can face - this is particularly so with start-ups. The product seems right, the price is seems right and the market strategy seems right, but sales just keep on slipping. This is particularly the case in the telecommunications world where potential customers are either mobile operators or traditional telcos. Getting to grips with this often requires a root and branch review that takes into account all relevant factors and setting the right expectations. Are you struggling in turning prospects into sales in spite of every customer meeting being a 'good one'.

Growing that brilliant idea into a real business: That great idea may at first seem brilliant but turning it into real sales requires many factors working in harmony, business strategy, technology, development, finance and sales. This may be your company's first product or it may be just one idea among many that is not achieving its real potential. There may be good reasons for this and an independent perspective may throw a light on what is required to achieve success. Does your company have an idea and require some help in achieve the market success it deserves?

If so, we can help your company’s engineering, management team, board, shareholders or non-execs to clear the fog and take the next successful step in your company’s growth.

Business introductions: Getting an introduction to a potential customer or venture capital company can be one of the most important steps in growing a company. I am a strong networker, particularly in the global telecommunications market, and I am often able to go straight to the right product marketer, engineer, architect or CxO to pitch that product or service to.