In recent months a number of advising or 'getting hands dirty' involvements have been undertaken. Some have been short in nature, others involve a long term mutual advising relationship depending on an individual's orĀ  company's particular needs. Here are a few undertaken:

Company assessment: mobile Value Added Services: A UK venture capital company was considering an investment into a company that provided white-labelled value added service platforms to mobile operators around the world. They wanted to better understand what the company's products and services were, did they have any competitors, how successful they had been, what issues could prevent revenue growth and an opinion on what the future may hold for them.

Technology and commercial advice: Mobile advertising: A UK mobile software company required ongoing help to develop new product platforms. This included extensive work to help define a new software and hardware architecture and to ensure that current customer requirements and future market and business strategy considerations were taken into account. Involvement also involved the creation of more formal development processes that fully involved the commercial side of the company.

Business development:
Network optimisation software:
A UK based start-up company focusing on telecommunications Operational Support Systems (OSS) vendor wanted to take its products to MPLS based telecommunication service providers around the world. A successful program was started to create a pipeline of potential customers from around the world including Europe, Pacific Rim, Australia, Europe and USA.

Internet software company: Within a period of six months, a considerable pipeline of potential customers was developed for a new start-up which resulted in the first two invoiced sales for the company which was a critical milestone needed to complete their first VC funding round.

Formal due diligence: Next Generation telecommunications carrier: A US-based private equity house was considering investing in a Next Generation IP global carrier and wanted a formal review of their capabilities, services, network architecture, technology adoption, vendor selection, what customers thought of them and a view of the potential growth in markets they operated in. This research included several days talking with company employees and several of their reference customers.

Company overview:
Wireless service provider: A UK organisation needed an analysis of a potential provider before making a major supplier commitment with them. We tracked down many of their existing customers and drafted a comprehensive overview of how they and their services was perceived.